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Typical food

  Nombre  Detalles
 burrito 01  Burritos

 Fat flour tortillas rolled and stuffed with different stews,
it is popular for its rapid elaboration

 caldooso 01  Caldo de Oso

 Spicy soup containing red chili
and pieces of catfish.
His name came up during the construction of the dam
Boquilla and Virgenes, the workers ate
daily this broth
that ended up tiring them and nicknamed him
the hateful broth - bear broth -

 machaca 01  Machaca

Dish consisting of shredded dried meat, usually
accompanied with flour tortillas, egg and
avocado or guacamole

 discada 01  Discada

Dish that combines meat in pieces of pork and beef,
sausage, bacon, onion, tomato and chili,
all cooked on a disc

 carneasada 01  Carne asada

Various cuts of meat (t-bone, rib eye, sirloin,
arrachera, ribs)
with onions, sausages for grilling,
potatoes and chile toreado

seca 01 Carne seca

It is meat (commonly beef) seasoned
and subsequently dehydrated.
It can be in strips or in pieces

 queso 01  Queso Chihuahua

Also known as cheddar cheese
it is golden yellow, creamy and slices easily,
used to make quesadillas

chilaca 01  Chile

It is grown in the Meoqui region, it is not so hot it is used
to prepare rajas with cheese and chili stuffed with cheese or meat

jalapeno 01 Chile

Meoqui is the world zone of production,
also known as the chili of love
(it is eaten in bites) and its itching is medium

sotol 01 Sotol

Sotol is drunk neat and in any of its 3 varieties: white,
rested and aged. It is created from pineapples or sereque hearts
or yellow maguey, the fermented juice is distilled
to obtain the sotol brandy.
can only be
produced in Chihuahua, Coahuila and Durango

masaral 01 Másara

Craft apple drink, varies from 12% to 38% degrees of alcohol
depending on the degree of fermentation of the apple

 tortilla 01   Tortilla
de harina
Also known as the "gordas" is a
typical dish of Chihuahua
and is traditionally used to prepare burritos
jamoncillo 01  Jamoncillo The base of its preparation is milk, sugar and the seed to
choose (walnut, pips, pine nuts)
nuefina 01 Nuez fina

Camargo and Jimenez are producers of this nut worldwide,
due to its sweet flavor it is used to prepare
desserts, jellies, jams, cakes and atoles

manzana 01  Manzana Cuauhtémoc is the best apple producer in Mexico.
The types of apples that are produced are; Golden, Red Delicious,
Starkrimson and Rome Beauty