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 Located at the top of the Sierra Tarahumara in the municipality of Bocoyna, Chihuahua.

 How to arrive:

 Car: 265 kms, from Chihuahua highway 16 to the west, and 154 from Cd. Cuauhtémoc.

 Bus: with Rápidos Cuauhtemoc.

 El chepe: heading to Creel station. 

 Turistic zones:

Lake Arareko, Valley of the Mushrooms, Valley of the Monks, Valley of the Frogs, Temple of San Ignacio de Arareko 18th century, Cusarare Waterfall, Basaseachi Waterfall and Adventure Park within the Copper Canyon.

 Weather: Humid with short summers and frequent snowy winters.


creel paisaje p cusarare p lago arareko p
        Meadow in Creel                                      Cusárare Waterfall                                          Arareko Lake         
mision san ignacio p valle de los hongos p valle de los monjes p
  Temple of San Ignacio Century XVIII                  Valley of the Mushrooms                               Valley of the Monks                
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 Located under one of the Copper Canyon in the Sierra Madre Occidental.

 How to arrive: 

Car: 132 kilometers from Creel and 120 from Guachochi, on the state highway to Guachochi. After reaching Quírare to go down the only dirt road.


 Turistic zones:

Colonial landscape, Satevo Mission, Hacienda de San Miguel, Hacienda del Río, Forests and tropical fauna due to its climate


 Weather: Warm and temperate, rainy winter.

azotea p rio batopilas p ciudad p
        Colonial Architecture                                       Batopilas  River                                        Batopilas Street               
Ex hacienda Alexander Sheper p pilas dos p pilas p
                         Old Town "San Miguel"                                  Satevo's Mission                                        Town "del Río"                                                       
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 Located northwest of Chihuahua in the municipality of the same name Casas Grandes, Chihuahua.

 How to arrive: 

 Car:  from Chihuahua to 300 kilometers and 281 km from Cd. Juárez.

 Bus: with Chihuahuenses or Omnibus de Mexico.


Zonas turisticas:

Paquimé Archaeological Zone, Mata Ortiz Town (Paquimé-style ceramics), Cueva de la Olla Archaeological Site, Poplar-Covered River, Museum of Northern Cultures, Janos Biosphere Reserve, Parish Church and Juárez Academy.

 Clima: Desert, cool and dry.


 academia juarez p alfareria p CuevaOlla p
         Juárez Academy                                Pottery of Mata Ortiz Village                           "De la Olla" Cave           
paquime p artesania paquime p reserva biosfera p
                Paquimé                           Handicrafts of the Ancient Town of Paquimé           Buffalos in "Janos" Reserve